Coombe Haven Defenders - Bexhill Hastings bypass The road running out of money. The campaign carries on strong
  Save Low Newton Durham
  Pok Space Goats at time of the protest
  Kangaroo Moon  
  Busker Paul A Whisper on the Breeze
  Seize the Day Heathens All, way back then (hear them on on Tribal Voices)
  Tribal Voices Collective of acoustic musicians
  Better Transport campaigning for green transport 
  Save Bathampton Meadows scheme may be ditched 
  Plane Stupid action against airport expansion 
  Airport Watch Expansion Umbrella group bringing together the local campaigns  and community groups against airport expansion
  Earth First Kick starting a social movement to tackle climate change and more.
  Rising Tide Network of local groups against climate change
  The Land is Ours A UK landrights campaign and more. 
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