"Adrian Arbib's stunning photography captures better than anything else the spirit of the road protests of the 1990s."

Paul Kingsnorth, author of  'Real England'

"This is our history. It is appalling and inspiring at the same time. These pictures of brave people should not be forgotten."

John Vidal, Environment editor, the Guardian

"One look at the book will cure nature deficit disorder."

Heathcote Williams

"It was great to see all of these pictures and brought a tear to my eye to see Kit again and a smile to see that crazy raft we built to combat the bailey bridge. It also reminded me just how barbaric it all was and how wonderful and amazing too, that we were SO empowered and SO strong, the miracles that happened daily, the stress of living in a war zone."

Rob the Didge (Solsbury hill protestor)

"When Albion's new druids protested against the powers that were attempting to lobotomise Solsbury Hill their prophetic gifts had told them they'd be vindicated by peak oil and climate change. That's why this resonant record of their stirring activities speaks to us."

Heathcote Williams

Armed with little more than rope harnesses and mobile phones the size of bricks, the protesters were faced with often violent private security forces in muddy fields, high in the trees and even underground. Adrian Arbib lived on site photographing the events. In so doing he captured all aspects of life on the protest. His work is a unique record of an important moment in British political history when a political movement changed government transport policy.


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